The most effective method to Android study hums with commendation for AVG Antivirus Free

On the off chance that the web were a physical store, and all computerized programming was sold as physical bundles, you would discover the cybersecurity area so invade with brands that you wouldn’t have the option to push your truck through the many items stifling the walkways. For buyers curious about the world, recognizing the great administrations from the terrible can be a mind-boggling task.

That is the reason the autonomous lab AV-TEST exists. It’s an instructive asset for purchasers who need target exhortation on the best cybersecurity items. In March 2018, the lab concentrated on looking into the best antivirus for Android gadgets. An opportune undertaking, certainly — cell phones and cell phones have developed into ideal objectives for cybercriminals over this previous year. Proceeding with our perception practices from above, if every portable digital assault were a honey bee, you’d stroll around with a thick swarm humming around your gadget any place you go.

AV-TEST inspected 20 driving brand portable security items, which included AVG Antivirus Free. The tests spun around the territories of discovery, execution, and false admonitions, just as extra highlights and security layers.


For a security item to be solid in insurance, it should initially be sharp in identification. AV-TEST tested AVG with more than 3,000 examples of genuine world malware found over the past about a month, and AVG distinguished 100% of them. The lab additionally assaulted the gadget with more than 3,000 examples of other Android malware, entrusting the security programming to distinguish them progressively situations. AVG got 99.9% of those. With a location rate superior to anything industry normal, AVG earned an ideal score on this area of the test.


Another significant factor of your cybersecurity is execution bargain — as in, you don’t need your gadget’s exhibition traded off. A crackerjack antivirus isn’t much help if eases back your telephone’s reaction time down to a slither. AV-TEST searched for log jams, battery channel, and traffic creation, and found that AVG Antivirus Free did none of those things. The product carries out its responsibility with no observable sap of the gadget’s capacity.

False admonitions

These happen when your antivirus erroneously thinks safe projects are malevolent. Giving the correct documents access is similarly as significant as keeping the awful ones out. AV-TEST propelled more than 2,000 real records from the Google Play Store and other outsider application stores at the gadget, and though the business normal was 10 false alerts, AVG had zero. Combined with the exhibition part of the test, this gave AVG an ideal score in the territory of ease of use.

Additional layers

Extra security highlights and additional layers fortify your protections. The lab pointed out a few of AVG’s extravagant accessories: the counter robbery highlight of finding, bolting, or cleaning your gadget remotely, call blocker, application lock, and Wi-Fi security.

In the event that you’d like to peruse increasingly about the AV-TEST assessment , look at the full download and install avg ultimate report.

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