Study rates AVG AntiVirus Free as flawless 12/12 in versatile security

The cell phone. It didn’t take long for cybercriminals to set their eager eyes on the different wealth inside every one. Valuable photographs that can be delivered. Budgetary records that can be ravaged. All the individual information a hooligan needs to draw off fraud.

There is another rush of focusing on portable clients. A bank Trojan, which covers up in different applications so as to sneak onto your telephone, is only one case of how complex and misleading malware has moved toward becoming. When you dispatch your standard banking application, the bank Trojan covers your bank’s home screen with its own imitation overlay. Type in your username and secret phrase, and the trouble makers currently have it. Versatile security is significant in the present condition.

Antivirus programming for Android gets impeccable score

In its first report of the year on portable security, free lab AV-TEST concentrated explicitly on Android insurance, hoping to recognize the best antivirus programming available. When it came to assessing AVG AntiVirus Free for the examination, the lab guaranteed us with an ideal score of 12 out of 12. The test included three classifications of capacity: insurance, convenience, and exceptional highlights.


For this area of the assessment, the lab propelled right around 6,000 examples of as of late found malware at the Android gadget, to quantify what number of the security programming could recognize. AVG AntiVirus Free scored higher than industry normal by identifying 100% of the examples, acquiring it 6 points out of 6.


This area takes a gander at the product’s effect on the gadget’s exhibition — does it moderate it down? Does it channel the battery? The examination reports that AVG AntiVirus Free did neither of those, nor did it report any bogus positives (unjustly guaranteeing a genuine application is pernicious). The product got another ideal 6 out of 6 in this classification.

Unique highlights

The investigation additionally avg internet security “further significant security highlights” of the product, getting out the counter robbery, call blocker, safe perusing, and reinforcement highlights , just as its Wi-Fi security and application lock.

Peruse the full AV-TEST report to get familiar with the examination.

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