AVG brings Link Scanner malware detector to the Mac

An organization that gives antivirus contributions to PC clients is bringing a free connection checker to the Mac.

avg.com/retail Technologies intends to reveal a Mac form of AVG Link Scanner, a free download that outputs Website joins for potential dangers. AVG says its Link Scanner application checks Web pages continuously, presenting a notice on clients if the product finds a Website that could present potential issues.

“Each and every time you click on a connection, whenever you’re getting to data on the Internet, we filter it, searching for malware and phishing endeavors,” J.R. Smith, CEO of AVG, told Macworld.

AVG’s product doesn’t depend on boycotted destinations that have been hailed for potential unsafe substance. Or maybe, the application utilizes continuous checking to caution clients to possibly tricky destinations. The organization depends intensely on a huge client base—a huge number of clients, as per AVG—to guarantee clients are surfing to verify Web pages.

Macintosh clients have lived to a great extent free of malware and infections, as malware makers have concentrated on assaulting all the more generally utilized stages. That figures to change as the Mac turns into an all the more broadly utilized framework, on account of the development of both OS X and Apple’s versatile iOS. Be that as it may, the genuine danger is presented by the development of informal communication destinations that expansion the hazard Web surfers could fall prey to phishing and different malevolent assaults.

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“We’re not here shouting that Macs are helpless,” said Smith, including that like any stage the Mac OS has its vulnerabilities. Or maybe, Smith proceeds, the dangers presented by assaults by means of informal organizations undermine clients paying little respect to stage. “We’re shielding individuals at times from themselves.”

Take a gander at the expanding unmistakable quality of abbreviated URLs, Smith said. Canny Web surfers used to have the option to take a gander at a URL and recognize a potential phishing endeavor; dense URLs make that harder to do. “You can’t see [the full URL],” Smith included. “You can’t be your very own police officer.”

The free download of AVG LinkScanner is intended for Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6; it keeps running on Mozilla Firefox 3.x and later just as Safari 3.x and later, including the recently discharged variant 5 of Apple’s Web program.

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